The faces of Sun-Maid's growers

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Grower Story

From Field to Table

The journey begins with family farmers who immigrated to California beginning over 100 years ago, and continuing to today. These grape growers utilize sustainable natural resources of sun, soil and water and are constantly improving their farming practices.

One of Sun-Maid's 750 grower families posing in front of their farm

As a farmers’ cooperative, Sun-Maid is privately owned by hundreds of grower families who farm thousands of acres of raisin grapes in central California. This unique growing area—featuring long, dry summers optimal for grape production and natural sun-drying of grapes into raisins—has been the heart of the raisin industry since early settlers immigrated to California after the Gold Rush in the 1800s.

A collection of the faces of Sun-Maid growers. Left side: growers sitting on a tractor. Right side: up-close shot of two men smiling.